Supplier Realtionships

Supplier Engagement: Are You Ready for the Next Step?

It has been a few weeks since NASPO’s Exchange, or perhaps even a few months since you opened those emails from new and contracted suppliers. Supplier engagement is an ongoing process that isn’t always at the top of our list, but making time for supplier engagement increases value– cost savings, improved goods or services, or expanded access to the market.

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NASPO Events & Education

Pushing the Boundaries: Innovation and NVP’s Contract Leads

In February, NASPO held its annual Contract Leads Conference (CLC) in San Antonio, Texas. This conference is designed for NASPO ValuePoint’s Contract Leads to explore their partnerships with their Cooperative Portfolio Managers (CPMs) and gain insights into best practices and trends in public procurement. This year’s conference took things one step further and explored the importance of innovation in procurement and how simple ideas can lead to great changes.
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Professional Development

Are You a Buyer or a Procurement Professional?

When people typically think of the public procurement profession, they usually think of a single role– someone who actually does the purchasing of goods and services as a buyer. Often, that single title, buyer, is thought of as an interchangeable role with other, similarly sounding roles: procurement officer, purchasing agent, etc. However, it is important to note that although the titles are often used interchangeably, there are many noticeable differences between the actual functions of those roles.

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