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Pushing the Boundaries: Innovation and NVP’s Contract Leads

In February, NASPO held its annual Contract Leads Conference (CLC) in San Antonio, Texas. This conference is designed for NASPO ValuePoint’s Contract Leads to explore their partnerships with their Cooperative Portfolio Managers (CPMs) and gain insights into best practices and trends in public procurement. This year’s conference took things one step further and explored the importance of innovation in procurement and how simple ideas can lead to great changes.
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NASPO Events & Education

Climbing the Summit: Government Performance and Innovation Recap

A couple of weeks ago (June 4th – 6th), I attended the Summit on Government Performance and Innovation in Minneapolis, which is organized by Governing and has been held annually since 2015. This is the second time I represented NASPO at this event to learn about the innovative initiatives of cities and governments around the country and bring that information back to NASPO members. Demographics, inclusive procurement and challenging the status quo were just some of the topics discussed. These innovative topics helped to set the tone for modernizing the way government does business. This conference highlighted the creative solutions governments are using to address a changing world. Read more “Climbing the Summit: Government Performance and Innovation Recap”