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Technology & IT Procurement

IT Procurement: Envisioning the Next Decade in Technology

2021 is the year of IT procurement. Here on the Research and Innovation Team, we have worked hard to bring to your attention to the newest trends in technology and IT procurement. The pandemic has shown us how important technology is going to be in the incoming decade. Already our way of working has changed to bring you. We have learned to adapt to new technologies, and a lot of the practices we have adopted in 2020 will be with us forever. The IT procurement landscape does not have to be a landmine of uncertainty, we have resources to help you!

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Technology & IT Procurement

RAMPing Up Your Cybersecurity w/ Leah McGrath of StateRAMP

“What if we could come together, to create a common set of recognized standards, a common method in verifying these standards; how can we strengthen the cybersecurity posture for states?”- Leah McGrath, Executive Director, StateRAMP


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Sustainable Purchasing

A More Sustainable IT Model

The Covid pandemic has underscored issues with U.S. reliance on supply chains abroad in many areas, including semiconductor manufacturing. In February, President Biden signed Executive Order 14017 to address supply chain vulnerabilities and a semiconductor shortage impacting a variety of industries like cellular devices, information technology, and automobiles.

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